Happy 2017!

As we transition to 2017, I can happily say I have already completed one my resolutions this year (and by that, I mean my resolution from 2016). I think the most common sentence I hear any designer say is “I need to work on my portfolio”. I cannot even begin to count how many times I said that last year. It’s not that my site looked bad. It was actually straight to the point with the work I showcased. But now that I’ve been working professionally, I realized the need to drastically change how I needed to present my work. So, a majority of my projects are presented as a case study of sorts, really driving to answer the question of “why”. Why was the design needed in the first place. Why did the logo needed to be re-designed.

This is a trend I plan to keep moving forward. There are still the tiny details that need to be cleaned up, but overall I am happy with the direction I’m headed in. I also plan on really keeping up with my blog this year. I am giving myself the goal of one post a week, design or interest related. It’s a great area to showcase my interests and really show who I am as a person, outside of just a designer.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be working on transitioning all of my old blog posts. I have a good amount of insight into my thesis in those posts and would like to revisit them.

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