4M Communication

4M Communication is a new Public Relations company under the SEOM umbrella. Intended to work closely with SEOM, 4M Communication hopes to take on clients of their own. Completed under the creative direction of Inverse Paradox.

Brand Development

Brand Development

Round 1

4M really wanted to incorporate their tagline into the logo mark: Marketing, Message, Media, Momentum. While the idea was clever, the execution did not quite work well. Additionally, the logo would have been extremely difficult to view at smaller sizes.

Round 2

It became apparent to 4M that there needed to be something to ground the tagline in the M shape. But, the difficulty in reading it was still present.

Round 3

With 4M realizing that the tagline serving as the basis for the logo mark was not successful, we began to move into a direction that really focuses on 4M as a bold mark that could stand on it’s own. The challenge now became straying away from 3M’s logo.

Round 4

With a configuration settled on, refinement of the typeface was the only thing left on the list. Additionally, small variations of color were made in order to narrow down the design to a final choice.