AA Abrasives

AA Abrasives, located in Philadelphia, supplies Industrial Abrasive Products nationwide. Because of aggressive competition in the local area, AA Abrasives realized their need to overhaul their website, which introduced a new design and the use of Magento. Additionally, AA Abrasives launched a new brand identity to help re-establish themselves in the industry. Project completed under the creative direction of Inverse Paradox.

Brand Development, Web Design, Magento

The Challenege

Navigating Abrasive Products Easier

The top priority that AA Abrasives wanted to tackle was the difficulty in navigating their previous website. Many common elements that make up an e-commerce website (such as sortable filters, alternate views, quick views and adding to cart from the product overview page) were absent. Thus, taking it longer for customers to shop and ultimately checkout. This was the driving force of their website re-design.

Logo Cleanup

AA Abrasives wanted to keep the same idea in their new logo while clearly taking inspiration from the American Airlines logo.: the AA to serve as a prominent logo mark with the logo type serving as a secondary component when needed.

The Website

Sortable Filters

In order for customers to navigate the site faster, the grouping of products needed to be restructured in order for it to make sense. After doing so, it became much easier to view which products belonged to what category. Additionally, the product overview page received a much needed visual and functional update. From this view, customers could view bulk discounts associated with each product, item numbers and prices per package.

Shopping by Manufacturer

Another component that users find useful is the ability to sort by manufacturer. This makes it easier for frequent customers to pinpoint a trusted brand. By selecting a manufacturer, a user is greeted with all products associated with that brand, which can than be filtered down by product type (still keeping within that specific brand).

Better Product Details

In addition to the pricing information, each product page has been restructured to allow for better organization of all of the technical details associated with each product. Ranging from the compatibility of each product to simple details like the dimensions, customers can find out everything they need to about each product.