Flager Associates

With offices in four locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Flager & Associates focus on personal injury cases, with clients mostly located in Northeast Philadelphia and Lower Buck’s County. Completed under the creative direction of Inverse Paradox.

Web Design, WordPress

Information Restructure

Flager & Associates came to realization that the design and structure of their site was a bit outdated. The content was not an issue as much as the presentation was. Flager & Associated approached Inverse Paradox with a re-design and migration to WordPress as the end goal.

The Website

A Better Contact Form

The updated contact form adds a bit more information in regards to location of their two main offices. Perspective clients can also select a case type when submitting the form allowing Flager & Associates to better organize new cases.

Client Testimonials

In effort to build a better brand trust and reach more potential customers, client testimonials are now present on the homepage. This allows perspective clients to get a first hand account from previous clients.

Practice Areas

All of the practice areas are better grouped on the homepage for easier access. Accompanied with an image, it is now much easier to determine what each is related to. This “portfolio” style layout helps users get to each practice area faster than before.