Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council

Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council (PADDC) engages in advocacy, systems change and capacity building for people with developmental disabilities and their families. Completed under the creative direction of Inverse Paradox.

Web Design, WordPress

Focus on Accessibility

Accessibility has been the number one goal for PADDC in terms of how a user with visual disabilities would be able to interact with the site. Rather than using the browser to increase and decrease the size of all elements, the site features a type size control in the header, increasing only the size of the type, not all elements. An spoken audio is currently being implemented.

The Website

Staying Up To Date

PADDC values their news section as it is their number one way to keep user updated. Articles reflects both additions to the website and political impacts on Pennsylvanian’s with disabilities. Users can also elect to sign up for a newsletter.

Viewing available grants

Part of what made PADDC’s previous site difficult to navigate was the presentation and location of important resources. Information, such as which grants are available, are important and should be presented in a way that is obvious.

Viewing Available Resources

Continuing with the idea of pushing important content to the forefront, state and nation wide resources are better organized into concise categories. This helps users find resources that may be applicable for them.