Spinifex IT

SpinifexIT is a software company that develops software tailored specifically for Human Resources. Example software includes payroll management, help desk implementation and internal documents, to name a few. Completed under creative direction of Inverse Paradox, SpinifexIT received a complete redesign of their website to bring up to standards with current web design trends.

Web Design, WordPress

Same Content, New Look

The site was originally built in 2005 and did not receive a refresh until SpinifexIT approached Inverse Paradox. Here, a majority of the same content was repurposed into the new design.

The Website

A More Purposeful Homepage

Originally, the homepage did not offer much outside of a quick about and a testimonial. With the new design, users can get a brief overview of upcoming events, a more concise description of the company and contact form to inquire about the various software offered.

Services Simplified

Originally, the services page featured ambiguous images that attempted to illustrate each one. With the redesign, iconography is used in place of photography to help better demonstrate each service.

Solutions Better Organized

With content edits and slight reorganization (along with a redesign), each solutions (software) page is updated to better explain each one.