The Future Hunters

The Future Hunters identify emerging trends that will be important to you before they become part of the cultural and business vernacular. Completed under the direction of Alternatives, a redesigned logo was created in an effort to rebrand the company. This included redesigning white papers and other printed material to help reflect the brand. Additionally, using WordPress, a website was constructed to help better inform potential clients.

Web Design, WordPress

The Website

The purpose is to help communicate their fresh and vibrant perspective to capturing the future by offering a wealth of descriptive information ranging from case studies to services offered.

Services Offered

The Future Hunters offer complex services with very specific jargon related to what they offer. Iconography, photography and infographs play a huge role in communicating just what these services are.

Speaking Engagements

The Future Hunters use Speaking Engagements to their advantage by tailoring each one to specific industries. Here, businesses can learn about the possible future of where their specific industry is headed. Upcoming events and topics are highlighted here.

Seeing The Future

A smaller section dedicated to their thoughts on topics such as Emerging and Critical Trends for 2015 and Beyond. The information is provided for free as a sample of reports businesses would usually receive from The Future Hunters.

Print Collateral

A majority of their services and work is available in print format, free to download from their site. These documents were re-designed to reflect their updated brand.