5 Topics

 In Thesis

We have been assigned our proposal project. Shit it about to hit the fan soon.

I’m having a hard time on really deciding what it is I’d like to pursue. Here is what I am thinking for now. I’d like to do more than 5 mind maps, but I don’t want to give myself more than what we have to do already. So I’ll just start with these:

  1. Batman/Superheroes and their relationships to Greek Mythology (how we relate to them, a re-interpretation of Greek Mythology stories). Something along these lines. What really interests me is not so much the comics themselves, but the psychology and motives behind what they do. I know they’re not real, but they have been analyzed like crazy over the last decade.
  2. A guide on Typography/combining typefaces. In order to learn how to combine typefaces, a investigation of both serif and sans-serif typefaces is needed. On a broader sense, I feel like a good guide to Typography is missing (this is not to say that Ellen Lupton and Tim Samara have written horrible books). Something I have listed at all throughout my blogging is Swiss Design. I am so interested in it and how it works. I’d love to consider something like that as well.
  3. Apple. Their ideas of merging design and tech together. That was always Jobs’ philosophy. A consumer device doesn’t always have to be ugly. It can have style to it. Another thing I’d like to investigate with them is the trends they sort of start. The iPod was released, everyone wanted to make an MP3 player. Same with the iPad. A more concise topic would be skeuomorphism vs. flat design. I never even thought about that until iOS 7. Opportunities for an exploration in Brand Identity too.
  4. An awareness of competitive swimming. The only time people seem to care about swimming is the olympics. People only know of Ian Thorpe, Michael Phelps and Mark Spitz. There are so many great swimmers out there. I think at one point NBC or CBS was trying to get swim meets televised.
  5. This one is silly but maybe something on DMB. They happen to be one of the biggest bands today (they are 3rd in most ticket sales in the last decade behind The Rolling Stones and U2). I’ll flesh this one out more. Might even replace the entire thing with something else.

Time to start some mind mapping.