Massive Update

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This is massive because I have finally sort of figured out something Processing. After looking at a bunch of code online, I tried to piece together different parts to see what I can come up with. While I know my project focuses on my visualizations, I wanted to try something that has set rules. It may be a good idea to compare this with my own.

So I’ve been messing around with processing this whole time. Please note that a majority of the code is not mine, this is built tons of ones I found online (I hope that’s not a problem!!!!) and I compiled together along with basic Processing I’ve tried teaching myself. I’m honestly surprised I even got this to work.

What seems to be happening is is that it’s reading the audio level of the song (this based off the microphone on my laptop, or whatever the linein is at the time of this running). So bass will definitely make it jump, from what I noticed. That way you can see a beat easily. I just don’t know how to make it static and have it sort of flow, instead of disappearing. But I think this is a great start for this.

Off to finish the proposal.