In Early making - Thesis

So I’ve made a lot of progress with my project. Amy is right; the shared connections between the songs is what’s interesting about them.

Gephi has been sort of a hit or miss kind of thing. It seems like the longer I work on a file, the higher the chance of it disappearing. But that’s easily fixable; I just have to export the two spreadsheets I have , create a new document and re import what I was working on. So I’ll never actually lose my data.

Right now, I was able to get my graph up on the web here. I’m very happy with the progress I’ve been making since we got back to school. I’m usually very intimidated by anything that includes using code. So it’s cool to see this on the web.

The next step I’d like to take is getting this graph animated which involve some javascript. I still need to figure out how to get that working. Then there are obvious things like color and imagery to add, making the text more readable than it is now. That all requires me to go into the CSS a bit.

With the songs currently on the web, I want to add images of the band as well as a small bio with each artist. That way this looks like it has more life.

Other things I’d like this to have it tablet and possibly mobile support. I’ll figure that out more as I go along with this.

Oh and the other thing is to get this to have retina support. Looks a little like crap on my laptop.