Batman Day

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75 years of The Dark Knight. That makes Batman 50 years older than me. At least I’ll be around for his 100th birthday ;). I’d like to think the creativity surrounding a comic book hero has something to do with me becoming a designer. I still remember back to when I was a kid, setting up different situations for Batman and his enemies. Batman would always be in trouble, but in the end, would always be out on top. Now, older me is still heavily involved in Batman. Christopher Nolan made a masterpiece with The Dark Knight Trilogy. On top of that, I have come to appreciate the comics (old and new). The current duo, Scott Snyder (writer) and Greg Capullo (artist) are hitting it out of the park. They actually just finished doing their version of Batman’s origin (while still respecting Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Frank Miller’s Year One).

I hope everyone had the chance to pick up a copy of Detective Comics #27. Some good stuff in there. Chip Kidd’s name is on the cover too! Definitely a dream come true for any Batman fan. Well, Happy Birthday Batman. I look forward to what DC has in store for your future.