Change of focus

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Now that I have finished my undergraduate career, my blog will shift it’s focus from my thesis project to be more personal. I enjoyed the idea of blogging about what I’m working on and what I’ve been up to. So this will definitely serve as an area for that. So what am I up to now? Simply enjoying my time. We have all worked on thesis for so long that we never had the chance to truly enjoy each other’s company. So this Summer will serve as the time to do that. Of course, I still have freelance work waiting for me (taking on new projects if you have any). This is also the perfect time for me to catch up on some reading. I started Watchmen over Winter break, but never finished. That’s first on my list, as well as some classic Batman stories such as The Long Halloween and Dark Victory. From there, I’ll finally move onto A Game of Thrones (I can enjoy my hand-bound copy too!). I’m looking forward to July as that’s when I am due to fly to Italy.

I’ve accomplished a great deal this past year. It’s time to rest and get ready to kick some ass in the professional world. I look forward to any challenges that are waiting for me.