Change of pace

 In Thesis - Proposal

So I’m changing some things up here. While the swimming idea was a pretty good one, I was just not feeling it. While working on this proposal, I sort of kept putting off researching the swimming part of it. I spent a lot more time than I should have looking at the design practitioners.

Music kept sitting in the back of my mind while doing this. It’s something I constantly surround myself with (other than graphic design). It’s something that I began to immerse myself in after graduating high school.

Things I’m looking at (and looking to refine over the next two days):

  • Connecting (and mapping) music with geological locations. More of a memory based idea. What song can you associate with a specific place? What song lyrics and songs are you able to connect to certain road trips?
  • A redesign of sheet music. Meaning, each genre will be distinctively different. Typefaces will play a role in this. They typeface could determine how each eighth note, fourth note, etc. would be designed.
  • Going off sheet music, redesigning in a way that improves it for readability and understanding
  • Visual meaning of music (another mapping idea?)

All in all, I have to really move it along now. But it doesn’t feel daunting. This is something I genuinely like.