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 In Thesis - Proposal

The talented Erik Spierkermann. I became aware of him when I first saw Helvetica a couple years ago. His bluntness really attracted me to him for some reason. One of the things he has said multiple times is that designers will eventually not worry about what medium they are designing for when using typography.

Small blurb I started to right for him int he proposal (note that I do need to clean this up):

Erik Spiekermann – German typographer and Designer. Started FontShop with his wife. Was the first mail-order distributor for digital fonts. I always enjoy listening to his interviews. Because of my interest in typography, I find that I am somewhat inspired by him. In an interview I watched recently, he stated that designers will get to a point where they won’t be thinking about the medium they are designing for.

His creative morning talk: http://creativemornings.com/talks/erik-spiekermann/1

Mark Boulton is another one of my favorite designers.  I enjoy his thoughts on the grids and responsive type.

An interview with him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZdS4G784JI


Jonathan Hoefler. Gotham is probably my favorite font as of right now. Their cloud typography and Hoefler and Jones is some really cool stuff.

Need more cleaning up for this.