Early making

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I’ve started to figure out what it is I’ll actually be making. Did a very small amount of sketching.

Scan 1With this first image, I started exploring different ways the main rhythm and sound can be visualized. Circles are good shapes to used as the sized can indicate loudness. Showing the circles in a circle is interesting, but can be confusing. The more linear fashion of the circles is less confusing. Can definitely play with that more. The middle one shows a line that can vary in thickness. The thicker the line, the louder the song it. The height determines the pitch. But I like the simplicity of the graph on the bottom right. I imagine it being flat with color. I’m not sure if I should sacrifice interesting for ease of readability. Have to find a middle ground.

I then started thinking about how the page layout for the songs should be. Each song should have it’s own page. But there should be more information. The tempo and key signature seem like important things to add. The temp can be easily identified by a bar. This bar can be on a scale of 0 – 200 (depending on the fastest tempo) and it will move based on the song. Then I started thinking of the key of each song. And how that can be represented. While I don’t know how to read music well, I do know of the circle of fifths. The circle of fifths is a visual representation of the 12 tones of the chromatic scale. So the image I have belowScan 2

So as you can see on the post it, that is what the circle of fifths looks like. Underneath below (surprise!!!!) is how I can represent it. At least, there’s one idea. The key can be colored in while the others are grayed out. Something like that.

Scan 3I also want to include posters for this project. I think these could look beautiful on a large format. So here are just a small number of thumbnails for how those could look. I’d like to keep the design consistent between the book and posters.Scan 4

Information to the project/song could be below.

Once I have a good grid worked out for the book, it can be applied to the rest of the book (background info for the project, artist pages perhaps, etc).