Feedback from 2/4 crit

 In In Progress - Thesis

Right away, everyone seemed very interested in what I was doing, which is awesome. Rebecca made an excellent point about this serving as a visual database for DJs since they are very concerned with the BPMs and key of a song. Side note, showed this to a couple of friends at home when I first got it online and they said that they liked that they could see the key of the song. With that, I need to show this to someone in the music department ASAP (time to make an appointment with my good friend Bob).

Everyone REALLY liked the forced layout examples I showed. As I mentioned, I had one working with my data (the one where I have to enter in the XML data), but I don’t have much control over layout and the CSS.

People would like to see more visuals than this, which is a given. There are other ways to show the data I have.

I think the next best step is to start working with that. As much as I want to figure out this forced layout, I should take a break and start looking at other ways to represent the data. In addition, I need to REALLY start thinking about a name so I can purchase a domain.

I need to stop capitalizing REALLY.