First brand identity project

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Summer sure does have a way of just killing productivity. How can one resist the Jazz Fest in Montréal? In my last post I mentioned I was working on getting both the Halle Architects and Oshu restaurant identity done. Unfortunately, I have not finished both. But for good reason! I got my first big freelance project, a brand identity for a small organic compost company called Worm Warriors. So my attention has shifted to that. I’ve been having a lot of fun with this project. While it is a little scary to handle this on my own, the challenge is quite unique. This is exactly the sort of thing that our professors at New Paltz have prepared us for.

In addition, I’ve been thinking of ways to to expand Music Connections. It is time that project ventures into other areas. I began with researching ways to use JavaScript to build these graphs. That exploration, combined with the JavaScript lessons I’ve been doing on codeacademy have led me to some interested discoveries. D3js has proven to be quite an incredible library for data visualization. With time, I think I will shift to using this (seems like I can still use Gephi to build the graphs). Content wise, I am focusing on Dave Matthews Band’s current tour (depending on how well this turns out, I may include earlier tours as well). The idea will be to see which songs have been played where. In addition, it helps to see which songs were played the most and the least. The best thing about the band is that there is almost not way to tell which song they are going to play each night. So this graph could help enthusiasts and fans see the trends for the tour(s). More to come!