Fordham workshop

 In In Progress - Thesis

The workshop was a success. The workshop itself pretty much went over how to use Gephi and what it’s purpose is for. I learned a few helpful tips.

While I did know a majority of Gephi, there were small things that Chris pointed out:

  • Think if the relationship between nodes is directed or undirected. Meaning, if one node has a relationship  with another, but not vice versa
  • Always use a single mode graph (meaning one type of node and the rest serves as the connections). Something my graph suffered from. Another reason for this is because a lot of the algorithms that Gephi uses is based off of single mode graphs. There is a plugin that supports multi-mode but doesn’t work very well

What I really want to show is a result of my conversation with Chris. Again, I’ll elaborate on this more tomorrow, but here is the basic premise of it (still a work in progress):

new test new test

Essentially, the categories have become the edges (connections). The only nodes present are just the songs. According to Chris, this is the proper way to visualize a network. He asked, what are you showing with this project? Songs. Then the songs should be the only nodes. The rest will be the connections. That way, I can literally see how these songs are connected. I messed with the color way too much so it’s not a true representation of what I want. Each line will be colored depending on the category. What I have for the web, is perfect. It allows the user to explore the data easier, even if it does look overwhelming at first.

So what does this mean? I have found a way to show connections of only certain categories. More to come, but I’m happy that I went down there. The feedback was amazing.

I’ve updated some of what I learned at the workshop. Since then, I have been making new spreadsheets. They are all connecting just the songs together. The actual connections can have labels. So I’ve broken up all the categories into separate spreadsheets. Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 2.05.43 AM
I plan on creating separate graphs for each category. I will also have one that shows all of the connections at once.