Frustration and then Progression

 In In Progress - Thesis

I’ve been pretty frustrated with the printed part of my project. The more I work with the acetate, the more I’m beginning to realize that it will not become a reality, unfortunately. However, I’ve read a little into The Functional Art by Alberto Cairo which has allowed me to rethink my approach to the poster.

I have two directions that I would like to explore (quickly too): a more focus network graph and a flat out data visualization of the data I have. That would include items such as the the length of time over the course of the years, the distribution of key signatures, etc. Pretty straightforward.


With the network graph, I would like to focus on comparing decades with each other. Or male and female artists from a specific decade. That way it keeps the graph focused and does not become as overbearing as it is in it’s current state. I have two examples here as to how I would go about this:


But I may wind up doing both. It would be nice to see the data represented in both of these formats. Since I am printing these posters myself, I really don’t have much of a deadline with print services.

In addition, I’ve been cleaning up the spreadsheets and my graphs. The only thing left to do is to add some stray BPMs to some songs. Since I can’t find the information online, I’ll be using Beatunes which analyzes the song and determines the BPMs for me.