Ideas/sketches for visualization

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With these narrowed down communities and design issues, I have to find a way to visually represent these. I can choose to show a correlation between the issues and communities, which I may choose to do so. Here are some ideas I had in the beginning:

So I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what to do with this. Automatically I want to go straight to print. But I want to see what options are available for digital. So I started sketching this out (I apologize for the crappy pictures. I have horrible lighting, I’ll make it work next time):

Photo Aug 28, 11 47 57 PM

Photo Aug 28, 11 48 04 PM

With this first one, I’m thinking about having an interactive web page. All of the communities will be listed on the left with the issues on the right. Then the user will click a button on the bottom and one community with it’s corresponding issues will come forward with a description as to why. I’ve done some research on some javascript and css to use, but nothing so far. I’ll keep digging.

Photo Aug 28, 11 48 11 PM

This next idea is for a poster. Still in the early stages but I’m thinking of having geometric shapes housing each community and issue. I still need to find a way to connect them. I want color to play a role in this. I think a book could be better with this. Each group can have it’s own section/chapter throughout the book. Color and shapes can definitely serve a purpose that way.

Photo Aug 28, 11 48 16 PM

For this final one, which I really like, I was thinking of having different colored circles that are different sizes as well. The size would determine how important it is to me. With that, there would be different colored lines connected these together. That way it can easy to tell which ones go together. A cool grid can be used for this. I’m also sort of looking for javascript that could accomplish this but haven’t found anything as well.