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 In In Progress - Thesis

Today is a lovely day to show our work to the world.

This will really help because if anyone is familiar with JavaScript they can give me some substantial feedback. As of now, I’m working on trying to make my graph.

The first thing I want to show is the Gephi Graph, that way people can see how I’m making these connections between the songs. The next would be the graph here. This is exported out of Gephi using the sigma.js exporter. Essentially, this builds the same graph I had in Gephi, translates my data to be used on the web and generates a UI for me. I want to push this further by incorporating a plugin that allows the graph to be manipulated more. But I still haven’t figured out how to get that plugin installed (everytime I update the sigma.js file to the current one, the graph completely disappears).

The next thing I want to show is this. This builds a graph based on whatever XML file you import. Gephi can export a GEXF file which can just opened with any text editor and then saved as an XML. It’s just another way to view the Gephi file online. This has exactly what I want the graph to do (I finally got this to work after the weekend too). It’s just a matter of figuring out how to build this into the current graph. This one would definitely require some heavy editing so that I can get the names to be visible. I also want the connections to be shown when a user clicks on a node.

This is a plugin I came across yesterday. I haven’t had time to play with it yet because it requires that you enter the information in manually in a seperate json file. I was able to export from Gephi as a json, but it isn’t formatted correctly. So I still have to dig into that.

After class today I’ll be meeting with Andrew Pletch from Computer Science. He is highly interested in data dumps so I think he can give me some excellent feedback.