In Early making - Thesis

So here are some sketches I’ve been working on. As of now, this is sort of to establish the visual language of the project as well as the concept.  This page size is not definite; this is to just fill the space with the graphs.

The graphs are representing the volume and fft of the songs (fft analyzes the frequency of the songs).

For each set, the first three are different ways to represent the volume where the last one is for the fft.  I tried experimenting with a way to show the length as the length of the graph. But honestly, just specifying that might be enough.

During the crit, Gabe suggested a really good idea; instead of having each song on a separate page, figure out a way to show them together. Transparency paper comes to mind with this. Not sure it I would the entire project on this paper, but maybe each decade together. Something that still needs to be worked out.

I think staying focused on my spreadsheet is the best idea right now. Here is a link to the spreadsheet. Anyone is welcome to leave comments here and on the document as to what else I should include and analyze.