Karl Heine

 In Inspiration

What a great resource this man was. I’ve researched so many things on interviewing and writing a resume that I didn’t realize I could learn more. Here is a brief overview of what I took from it:

  • See the interview/job search from the company’s perspective
  • Use the interview as an opportunity to interview them
  • If someone isn’t hiring, use that as an opportunity to ask “Do you know of anyone else that may be hiring?”
  • Knowing a company’s primary form of communication is key when job searching
  • Outside communities are also key, great way to meet people
  • Sending a thank you note is one of the best ideas (handwritten is better!!)
  • Take aways are a great way to be remembered (try to make the contact info easily readable)
  • If your experience is not a design job, find a way to make it relatable
  • Keep everything under 5MB

As for my meeting with him, I got some great feedback on my portfolio. His biggest thing was expanding upon the current projects. For example my Martha Stewart cover. Design and show some inside spreads. Make an alternative book, one that is for the serious crafter. Put the piece in a better environment (one other than the typical white background).

Great feedback and a great resource. Once I iron out my stuff, I will definitely be contacting him.