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So this little article talks about how the amount of digital magazine readers will grow by 2020. They argue that as the amount of tablet users grows so will the amount of people that read these magazines.

Here this article talks about how publishers can make themselves more appealing (price being one of these points). Publishers are charging more for the digital content because it is a luxury to read on the tablet. But the real reason why is because of the advertising. Publishers are unable to retain a certain percentage of readers for the ads to reach. So, they turn to the digital subscriptions, charging more so that the ads can reach more people.

This also asks whether or not readers will actually pay for enhancements. It started with ebooks, when publishers began adding audio and video to their books. Fast forward to now and it’s not that attractive anymore. E-commerace is a suggestion that this article suggests. Seems plausible, but I think the content being delivered in the magazine itself is what’s really important.

The problem with digital magazines is that they are “threatened by free online content” which I definitely agree with. Then, it ends with what I’ve been saying: publishers need to offer “quality, no substitute content at a reasonable price.”