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I wrote my previous post a while ago but had it saved as a draft. After looking at some musical notation books, redesigning it may be a bit too much to do. There is a lot I just simply don’t understand. The only way this could work is if I do it for a specific instrument (either guitar or piano). Piano would be the easiest since it deals with notes that are right there in front of you. There aren’t symbols like ‘attack’ or ‘thumb position’ (both are for trumpets).

The linking of music and geographical places is looking more promising.

Musical Notation Redesign

Here is one I came across  I think this does a pretty nice job but there is room for improvement. The clarity of what notes to play is still somewhat of an issue to me. I think the shapes could also be redesigned even further. Just some thought.

An article that attempts to address the problems of musical (staff) notation.