In Thesis - Random Thought

This past Thursday we did a little name-a-thon to help us come up with a title for our projects. Really helped a lot. Here is what my classmates were able to come up with:

  • Visualeyes
  • Infotunes/tones
  • Pop-Viz
  • Music-Viz
  • Harmoneyes
  • Soundwatch
  • Mind’s Eye
  • Notation Viz
  • Visual Notation
  • Audatory Shorthand
  • Note Pop
  • Seeing (in) Sound
  • Synthesize
  • ___BPM’s

I have to admit, the BPM’s one is my favorite (thanks Gabe!!), so far. I’m thinking of taking the average BPMs of all the songs and using that in the title. We’ll see.