Narrowed down communities/design issues

 In Summer blogging - Thesis

Once we arrived back at school, we had to narrow down the communities and issues to 10:

After much consideration, here are my communities and issues narrowed down to 10 each. These are the ones that I care most about. I’m sure this list will probably change. I feel like Reddit could be branched off into user submitted content. Also, torn between the fix it yourself and gym (fitness) communities.

1. Graphic Design
2. Apple
3. Guitar player
4. Dave Matthews Band
5. Batman
6. Competitive swimming
7. Technology
8. Live music
9. Reddit (user submitted content?)
10. Fix it yourself

With the print vs. digital, rather than making it seem like a war between the two, I decided to focus on the benefits of each.

Design Issues:
1. Combining typefaces
2. Print vs. Digital Design (benefits of each)
3. Originality in work
4. The creative process
5. Color and using it
6. Flat Design (trend)
7. Brand Identity
8. Technology
9. Green Design
10. Graphic Design as an art

I’m actually still torn between green design and coding as a designer. By the end of the week, I’ll make a final decision on that.