Dressler Estate

Dressler Estate makes dry, wine-like ciders with all local apples in the heart of Chester County. Based in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, the cidery aims to bring the local taste of Chester County to the surrounding Philadelphia suburbs and beyond.

Label Designs

With the winemaker’s approach, Dressler Estate aims to bring a more sophisticated product to the market when compared to the competition. It’s important to communicate that elegant feeling through the label for both the name of the cider and cidery. Additionally, the dryness scale is critical for customers to understand at a glance.

Rain Watcher

Because of the personal story behind Rain Watcher, Dressler Estate wanted to take a new approach with this design that stood out but still retained the elegance and sophistication of their current line of ciders. Since the flavor profile and story of the cider are inspired by thunderstorms both figuratively and literally, a more hands-on approach was taken with watercolor paintings. Applying watercolor to paper tends to give a randomized result which, mixed with other colors, felt appropriate for this cider.