Progress on Visualization

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Just realized I haven’t updated on my progress.

We had out in-progress crit this past Thursday for our Visualization. Before I go into the results from that, let me explain my concept.

As I said, I wanted to stick with an infograph for this project. I started veering towards a timeline with this. This happened because as I was writing out my communities over the summer, I got a little nostalgic with them. What seems somewhat insignificant to other people actually means a great deal to me. After all, those things make up who I am:

Photo Sep 07, 3 34 48 PM

So I made a little timeline that shows when I discovered/was introduced to each one. Underneath, I put each design issue that I think it is associated with:

Definitely a decent design, but doesn’t have enough personality in it (as mentioned in the crit). So, taking feedback into consideration, I am going to add three silhouettes; one of a boy, a teen and adult. I have broken down the ten categories amongst those three silhouettes. Each one will be filled with a corresponding color to show each community. As the viewer moves to the next one, the previous communities will carry over. The silhouette gets older, more communities fill up:

I’ll have screenshots posted very soon. Currently re-installing CS6 on my Mac (DPS tools are not working!!!).