Some updates – Updated

 In Early making - Thesis

Been a while since I’ve posted but I’ve made some serious progress on the spreadsheet. One of the issues I started running into was knowing when to stop with adding content. How do I know when I have enough? I feel like I’m diving too much into what I already have.

It’s time to start visualizing pieces of this data. As Amy said, I’ll be be able to see any interesting connections that could pop up (those that would be hard to see while actually plotting the data). So I’m going to start with Gephi to start plotting some data.

In terms of what I’ll be making, I’m going towards the more digital route. As much as I love print, I feel like there’s a lot of opportunities with interactivity (whether it be web based or even touch based is still to be determined).

Still trying to figure out how to use Gephi. I have the spreadsheet imported, just have to figure out how to manipulate it.


I have attached a visualization from Gephi. Something has gone wrong with importing the data so I need to take a look at that. Gephi works in a way where you can open a CSV file (which can be exported from Excel/Google Drive). I have to play with the import options more to make sure everything actually imports correctly. I’m happy I got this far with it though!

gephi test