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I started to compile these 40 songs into a spreadsheet (actually taking a lot longer than I thought). So far I have the years, artist, album and length; basic info. Instruments, tempo and key are the next things I want to look at, since that information is vital to the project.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to use processing for it. The learning curve isn’t as bad as I thought. What I’d like to do is have it map the songs in terms of volume. I believe that’s a good starting point with this to see where it takes me. I’ll keep working at that tomorrow. Should hopefully be able to do one by the end of the week.

I should mention, easy to use to make things like a circle. I’ll keep researching this tomorrow but right now, it seems like it’s not going to go anywhere. I may just have to use someone’s code. I’m still trying to find a javascript to work, but I’m having trouble reading it.