Spring Break update

 In In Progress - Thesis

My break consisted mostly of working on my portfolio. One of the biggest things I focused on was getting the site retina ready. Thankfully, the theme has retina support built into it. All that I have to do is upload the image at twice the normal size and it’ll handle it for me. At the same time, I’ve been fixing up my past work. So I’ll be photographing those this week as well as uploading them to my site.

I’ll have to figure out what I want to put in the printed portfolio. I want to limit it to maybe 10–12 pieces. We’ll see. Later today, I’ll be ordering my business cards (I was able to get a free 250 order through Fandango).

As for thesis, I’ve started work on a site for the project, which can be found >a href=”http://www.edgonzalezdesign.com/music-connections” target=”blank”>here. As I mentioned before, I want to do more of these post-graduation. Maybe even do one more before the thesis show. Given the amount of time left, I’m not sure if it’ll be realistic enough.

Here is some feedback I’ve received from Amy today:

Clicking on a thumbnail should bring the user straight to the visualization rather than to another description page. Perhaps the thumbnail could exist with the description to the right?

Can the scroll wheel be disabled for zoom? That way the user can just use the thumbnails at the bottom.

Work on embedding the songs into the nodes. Something that Cody may be able to help me out with. Emailing Chris from the Gephi workshop may help too.

Make sure to specify that the desktop is the best experience for the visualizations at the moment. Tablet/mobile support is still a work in progress.

Remember to keep the site short and simple. The focus, after all, are the visualizations. The less the user has to click, the better off this is.

I’ve also showed this to Francois and I was happy to see that his feedback was pretty much the same as everyone’s: song playing when clicking the node and the graph is a little overwhelming when using it (too fast).

Something else he suggested was the ability to remove the right pane while the user explores the graph. I can see how this can be an annoyance while on a notebook.

Lots to do. For now, I’m going to shift my focus back to the poster series.