Thesis Statement – with new idea for content

 In Thesis - Proposal

Swimming is considered to be one of the best workouts for one to stay fit. It serves as a good all-around activity because it builds endurance, helps maintain a healthy weight, tones muscles and builds strength. With kids, teens and young adults, it can help to encourage good eating habits, maintain a healthy sleep schedule and learn what it is like to work in a team setting.

Through the creation of an online interactive narrative and print, readers will be able to understand the basics of competitive swimming including the fours strokes, proper turns and starts, and select swimmers; and learn the health and lifestyle benefits of swimming. The health benefits include those mentioned above with cardiovascular being the main focus. The online narrative will be able to easily convey the technical aspects of swimming through videos, photos, and other types of interactivity. The printed medium will serve the health benefits of the sport.