Timeline in progress

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Now that the proposal is done it is time to actually start making things.  A rough timeline should help me get a little organized. That way I can figure out exactly what the next step is. Looking at this is making me realize that not only there are seven months left for this project but there are seven months of my undergrad studies…

The pecha kucha is probably going to be my main focus. But I don’t feel too intimidated by it. I’ve spent so much time on this information that I feel like talking about it should be nothing. In addition, I should really be thinking about how exactly am I going to be analyzing these songs. Because of what I’ve been able to do with processing, that may be the route I’ll take. The spreadsheet I have going is something I should finish. I should also be looking into making some thumbnails for how this book is going be structured.

Pecha kucha is to be presented. Once that is done and over with what I want to analyze should be well thought out by the end of the month. Middle of January the latest. The thumbnails should also be coming to an end.

Majority of winter break in during January. I’d like to think that I’m going to be working on a majority of the visualizations but my portfolio needs a lot of refining. That includes refining some work. The two that come to mind now are my seashell brochures from Visual Language and my infographic from Visible Systems. My final deadline for my thumbnails should be here. The same should go for the posters. The grid for the book will determine the grid for the poster. I should also look into where I’m going to get my book printed. That may determine how much time I’m going to have left.

The mappings of the songs should be continuing (should have started already!). As I finish each one I should be looking to translating these into the book. The dimensions should be worked out already. That way as I finish each one, I can easily bring it into the book.

Organizing the visuals should be going strong. Maybe even bringing them to a close. Depending on where I’m going to get this printed may determine how much time I have left. Bringing it to a close also means looking at what similarities exist between the mapped out songs.

Both the books and posters should be ready to print by the end of the first week. That way if any difficulties arise, I can be sure to get them taken care of.

The thesis show will be happening. So I should have at least 4 books printed with 50 copies of each poster ready to be taken. Then off to graduate and find a job!!!