In Thesis - Proposal

…but I have been making some progress.

First, to address some mistakes with my thesis statement. Three things fellow students were having trouble with:

  • Why is it called a personal narrative when I never mentioned a story that would be told?
  • Why print AND digital?
  • Who is this for?

For the first, I definitely have to explain the personal narrative. As a matter of fact, I shouldn’t even use that word/description. A narrative or multiple narratives is a better way to explain it. My ultimate goal is to explain the health and lifestyle benefits of competitive swimming (should be swimming in general, but hear me out). I say multiple narratives because I want to get people involved. I am still friends with people I swam with in high school as well as swimmers here at New Paltz. So why not have swimmers explain how the sport has helped them? This could even a small part of a larger whole. With the narratives, I can use content submitted to create a parallax scrolling website to display these stories. With this, how far the user scrolls down on a webpage will determine what content is going to appear. That’s where I am with that; for now.

As for print and digital. I stayed too focus on print vs. digital and wanted to show what each can offer. Simply not necessary. If anything, posters to go along with these narratives can help. Little snippets of key points.

Now who is this for? I’d like to make this for a more mature audience. Not necessarily people who have health issues, but that is a good audience to keep in mind (after all, I swam because of my asthma and I wound up being incredibly good). This needs to be fleshed out more.

So this is where I am:

  • Submitted narratives to help show that (competitive) swimming has helped
  • A website(page) with parallax scrolling to display these narratives
  • A whole website that shows the benefits of the sport and teaches the basics (strokes, turns, starts) (not really sure if this will be relevant/needed)

DEFINITELY more to come.